Top 5 Anti-hero’s in Film

large ferris buellers day off pinched for sure

Ferris Bueller reminds his friends what Carpe Diem is all about.

1. Ferris Bueller: A teen charmer who told us that “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Known for using his widespread popularity for sympathy, and using his friends to get what he wants, Ferris Bueller is the perfect teenage anti-hero who made it seem socially acceptable to ditch school. Despite lying to his parents about being sick, convincing his best friend to steal his dad’s Ferrari, impersonating a customer for a dining reservation, Bueller’s manipulation was used for one good thing, Carpe Diem.

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It’s a GIRL!


HBO comedy-drama, GIRLS. Season 3 premieres Jan. 12, 2014

It only took me a day and a half to get through the series, and I have to say I was hooked the moment Hannah Horvath found out her parents were cutting her off from supporting her financially. Her response, “This is nuts. I could be a drug addict; do you realize how lucky you are?”

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Don Draper: The Esssence of the Anti-hero


AMC’S Drama, Mad Men

Who is Don Draper?


Creative Director at Sterling Cooper, Don Draper

Going through mistresses like packs of Lucky Strike, AMC’s drama, Mad Men revolves around the life and loves of Don Draper, a partner in an advertising firm in New York City during the 1960’s. A man who chain-smokes, drinks, and hides a shadowy past, Draper’s excessive liaisons are often overlooked when we learn of his abusive, traumatic upbringing. As seasons progress, we see a character reinventing himself time and again, yet every time he sheds his skin, the same old Don eventually emerges making him an anti-hero both women and men love. Continue reading

Merle Dixon: The Apocalyptic Anti-Hero


Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon was put in his place, handcuffed to the pipes of an Atlanta department store’s rooftop. After attempting to assume authority, drawing the undead towards his fellow group members, possessing a loud mouth personality with unpredictable ways, he was left abandoned to face his own demise.

Michael Rooker, who played the ruthless, racist, bigot, Merle Dixon, created a character known for embracing his own evil. Crafting the practical bad guy, who could get the dirty work done, even his brother Daryl Dixon, said it himself, “Toughest asshole I ever met my brother. Feed him a hammer, he’d crap out nails.” He’s the character on AMC’S drama The Walking Dead fans loved to hate, but whom Rooker said, “Was a misunderstood character.” Continue reading